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  Conference Proceedings Book

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      Here is a list of papers in the book:

  • Choke Ring Feed Horns for Offset Reflectors, Brian Thorson, AF6NA
  • Dual Mode Horn Construction Techniques, Larry Pignolet, N1AXB
  • 3D Printed 122 GHz Cassegrain Antenna, Michelle Thompson, W5NYV
  • Vivaldi Antennas, Kent Britain, WA5VJB
  • QuickSmith-Web, Nathan Iyer, KJ6FOJ
  • Low Z Parallel Wire Transmission Lines, Dr. Gerald Johnson, K0CQ
  • Evanescent Mode Circular Waveguide 10 GHz Filters, Tom Apel, K5TRA
  • OE9PMJ 24, 47, 78 GHz Filter Dimensions and Construction, Dr. Gerald Johnson, K0CQ
  • Understanding the OE9PMJ Microwave Filters, Paul Wade, W1GHZ
  • A 3456 MHz Rig Proposal, Graham Stratford, VE3FHM
  • A Simple and Cheap Transverter for 10 GHz, Paul Wade, W1GHZ
  • Amateur Radio Use for Automotive Radar Equipment, Barry Malowanchuk, VE4MA
  • Making an 80 GHz Radio Using Surplus GigaBeam Modules, Gary Lauterbach, AD6FP
  • A Simpler 122 GHz Transceiver, Mike Lavelle, K6ML
  • The LimeSDR on VHF and Microwave, Mike Seguin, N1JEZ
  • Introduction to GNU Radio and Basic DSP, John Petrich, W7FU
  • A High Performance SDR Transceiver, VHF to Microwave, John Petrich, W7FU
  • Advanced SDR Ham Radios: VHF, UHF, Microwaves, John Petrich, W7FU
  • Arduino Controlled Microwave Frequency Sources, Greg McIntrie, AA5C
  • The Orion-I ADF4351 PLL Synthesizer, Joseph Haas, KE0FF
  • Synthesized Signal Source from China, Paul Wade, W1GHZ
  • A Smart Fool-Resistant Conditional Sequencer, Paul Wade, W1GHZ
  • Identifying Frequency Range of Unknown Double Balanced Mixer, Dr. Gerald Johnson, K0CQ
  • HP8640B Frequency Doubler, Dr. Gerald Johnson, K0CQ
  • What Is It?  Thing One and Thing Two, Dr. Gerald Johnson, K0CQ