Microwave Update 2019 Speakers

Name Call Title
Bob StriklinN5BRGA method to build your own Waveguide to Coax Transition
Kent BritainWA5VJBAdvanced Yagi Techniques
Rex MoncurVK7MOBanquet / Small Dish Portable EME
Rex MoncurVK7MO10 and 24 GHz Terrestrial DX
Tony EmanueleK8ZRThe microwave & millimeter wave bands
and the regulatory challenges ahead
Rick FogleWA5TNYUsing the Texas Instruments LMX2594 synthesizer
for microwave local oscillators
Brian HendryxA coaxial waveguide dual band feed for S and X band
Paul WadeW1GHZWaveguide cross-guide directional couplers
Joe JureckaN5PYKCase studies in microwave propagation by a NWS meteorologist
Doug MillarK6JEYUsing Ku Band LNBs on 10GHz
Greg McIntireAA5CVHF/UHF/Microwave High-Power LDMOS Power Amplifiers
Steve KostroN2CEIRecent advances in new low power mw technology
Barry MalowanchukVE4MASat Lunch / mmWave Fun in the Arizona Sun /
Assembling modules with beam lead or flip chip diodes
Tom WilliamsWA1MBAFriday Lunch / Rain Scatter
Tom ApelK5TRAImpedance matching techniques for RF and microwave circuit design
Tom McDermottN5EGGNU Radio Workshop
Dave RobinsonWW2RGround station equipment to work the Es’Hail-2
microwave P4A amateur satellite
Skip MacaulayVE6BGT6 cm Feed Experiments
Ben LoweK4QFRambo Roving for Microwaves
Al WardW5LUAFlyswatter Experiments at 47 and 78 GHz
Warren FerberWF0TAdventures at 630-850 nm