Microwave Update 2019 Speakers

Name Call Title
Bob StricklinN5BRGA method to build your own Waveguide to Coax Transition
Kent BritainWA5VJBAdvanced Yagi Techniques
Rex MoncurVK7MOSmall Dish Portable EME
Rex MoncurVK7MO10 and 24 GHz Terrestrial DX
Tony EmanueleK8ZRThe microwave & millimeter wave bands
and the regulatory challenges ahead
Rick FogleWA5TNYUsing the Texas Instruments LMX2594 synthesizer
for microwave local oscillators
Brian HendryxA coaxial waveguide dual band feed for S and X band
Paul WadeW1GHZWaveguide cross-guide directional couplers
Joe JureckaN5PYKCase studies in microwave propagation by a NWS meteorologist
Doug MillarK6JEYUsing Ku Band LNBs on 10GHz
Greg McIntireAA5CVHF/UHF/Microwave High-Power LDMOS Power Amplifiers
Steve KostroN2CEIRecent advances in new low power mw technology
Barry MalowanchukVE4MASat Lunch / mmWave Fun in the Arizona Sun /
Assembling modules with beam lead or flip chip diodes
Tom WilliamsWA1MBAFriday Lunch / Rain Scatter
Tom ApelK5TRAImpedance matching techniques for RF and microwave circuit design
Tom McDermottN5EGGNU Radio Workshop
Dave RobinsonG4FREPractical applications of the Lime SDR Mini
Skip MacaulayVE6BGT6 cm Feed Experiments
Ben LoweK4QFRambo Roving for Microwaves
Al WardW5LUAFlyswatter Experiments at 47 and 78 GHz
Warren FerberWF0TAdventures at 630-850 nm