The MUD Test Lab equipment was provided by


Special thanks to Pat Murray of Anritsu for showing us how to use the gear (100 GHz VNA, spectrum analyzer, etc)

MUD 2017 Vendors and Prize Donors

Ettus Research LogoB200mini

Ettus Research has donated

our Grand Prize: a B200mini

Universal Software Radio Peripheral

(featured in John Petrich's (W7FU) Friday morning presentation and paper)

DEMI LogoDEMI has donated:

$100 gift certificate,

$50 gift certificate,

2.3 GHz 0.6 dB LNA,

RF Power Meter Kit,

PTT-X5 Kit

Steve (WB0DBS) has arranged the donation of

six GPS systems

with key components donated by

Art Sepin at Synergy Systems 

and Skip (WB0BBE) at RDR Electronics

“A complete GPS receiver with 1PPS output. This is the same receiver supplied for the Synergy Systems GPS for Scholars program promoted through the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Association. It is easy to communicate with via RS-232 using the Lady Heather disciplined oscillator control program by Mark Sims or other readily available programs. The receivers are provided by Synergy Systems courtesy of Art Sepin, and arranged by Steve, WB0DBS. Each includes a used but working PACTEL GPS timing antenna provided by RDR Electronics courtesy of Skip, WB0BBE and also arranged by Steve, WB0DBS.”

LMX2594Texas Instruments Logo

Texas Instruments has donated ten

LMX2594 15 GHz Synthesizer chips

(subject of David Vieira's (KI6CLA) Saturday morning presentation)

RFPD logoGray Wong

of Richardson RFPD

has arranged

donations from

Analog Devices/Hittite,            MACOM,

Huber & Suhner,             

Dishman Bakner,             ATC Ceramics,

Crystek,                    NXP

sky logoSkyworks has donated

Low Noise Amplifiers:
2, 2.3
, 3.4, 3.8, 5 GHz
(Disman Bakner)

ADI Logo     AD/Hittite has donated evaluation boards:

HMC472 3.8 GHz,  HMC 625 VGA,

HMC547 20 GHz SPDT switch, HMC993 3 GHz AGC,

HMC597 4 GHz Demodulator, HMC561 8-21 GHz doubler, HMC988 4 GHz divider,

HMC722 13 Gbps gate, HMC748 14 Gbps 2:1, HMC232 12 Ghz switch, 

HMC199 2.5 Ghz switch, HMC616 660 MHz LNA

macom   MACOM has donated a 12.5 watt

3.5 GHz GaN Transistor Evaluation Board

h&sHubner+Suhner has donated

36" SMA flex cables

ATC has donated chip cap sample kits


Microwave Update is an ARRL technical conference.

ARRL publishes the conference proceedings.

ARRL has donated:

two QEX subscriptions,

two NCJ subscriptions

and three gift certificates.

Joe (KE0FF) of FF Systems has donated an Orion-I Synthesizer kit

(see his paper in the Proceedings)

Ron Fleck (KG6WJE) is selling new and used RF & microwave parts,

 components, cables and test equipment in our Vendor Space.

Chris (N6JET) has donated a West Mountain Rig Runner 4005

Paul (W1GHZ) has donated some of his PCBs:

Smart Sequencer, 

5 GHz Transceiver, 

10 GHz Transceiver, 

Power Pole Bus Box

Mike (K6ML) has donated some

surplus goodies:

5 GHz power amps,

10 GHz power amps,

 10 GHz panel antenna, etc

For more info, please send any questions or comments to