Workshops - Hands-On Workshops For Microwave Experimenters!

Test Equipment Workshop : Friday Morning 8 AM - Noon
Even if you don't have a project ready for measurement stop by and share ideas with your peers. Improve your measurement technique with the experts. The workshop includes:

  • Antenna gain measuring led by WA5VJB
  • Noise figure testing led by W5LUA
  • Phase noise analysis led by AF8Z and KC4YOE

GNU Radio Workshop : Thursday Afternoon 3 to 6 PM
Software Defined Radio - rapidly prototype a cost-effective radio for custom applications!
Lead by Tom McDermott N5EG GNU Radio is a development and simulation environment used to create and test software design radio applications. This is a powerful learning tool and GNU Radio can be used to implement working radio applications.

Topics to be covered during the workshop will include:

  • Installation of the GNU Radio package in Windows.
  • Review of GNU Radio capabilities and core concepts.
  • Review of important GNU Radio modules, building a project, implementing and running projects involving hardware.
  • Use of Gnuradio Companion (GRC) graphical environment.
  • Demonstration of Gnuradio Companion (GRC) application with Ettus radio.

The attendee is encouraged to bring their 64-bit laptop with Windows 10. The focus will be on Windows but GNU radio works well in Linux also. Tom, N5EG has a good deal of experience working with GNU radio and communication systems. He has made presentations on the topic at the ARRL TAPR Digital Communication Conference. Tom will also have other speakers assisting him with the workshop.

Don't miss this special microwave how-to hands-on opportunity.

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