Spousal/ Family Program
Posted by VE7HR Dave

After some careful consideration and research we have a plan for the spouses and family that might accompany you to MUD2024 in Vancouver. We welcome your thoughts.

On Friday we will arrange transportation from the location of MUD2024 in Delta BC down to Canadaplace

That is the hub of tourist opportunities and where all major tour companies work out of. There are so many things to do down there. It's walking distance to our Rapid transit system  SkyTrain_(Vancouver) This can take you to all of the suburbs or a very inexpensive tour of the Lower Mainland.

Or take short walk to SeaBus which will take you across to North Vancouver.

And at the end of the day we will return you to MUD2024. The cost of the transportation is still being finalized but until we know the number of participants we can't predict.  Travel time each way is probably 45 minutes each way

On Saturday we will plan a slightly shorter day so you are well rested for the Banquet in the evening.

Our destination of Saturday will be  Steveston Village where you can wander and take in the sights including the Gulf of Georgia Cannery if you choose or just grab some fish and chips off the wharf. Steveston Village is one of my favourite places to wander with my wife. There some nice walking opportunities. It's a much shorter trip. Travel time should be less than 30 minutes each way. We will then get you back in time to get ready for the banquet.

We feel both these trips will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy Beautiful BC in their own way. For some it will be their first trip and others can find somewhere new or revisit their favorite spots.

Please let us know what you think.


Dave VE7HR


Barry VE4MA